“I See You.” How to Catch People Doing Things Right…

I was coaching a healthcare executive who’s caught between a rock and a hard place. The staff at his hospital are unhappy and at one point threatened to quit en masse if changes weren’t made. Why? They feel taken for granted and unappreciated. This executive is someone with great integrity and commitment to developing his leadership skills . “But what can I do?” he asked. It takes time to meet individually with everyone. He already has so much to do, he […]

The Pain of Feeling Left Out

I’m living in Paris for the next few months and psyched to have found a Crossfit-style bootcamp so I can keep up with my training. The group is all French, and they have been friendly and welcoming, including me in the customary bise — greeting each other with a kiss on each cheek — each time we meet. Still, they’ve known each other for awhile and my French is not yet up to speed, so the private jokes and slangy […]

What Makes A Great Manager: Productivity Not Politics [Work Reimagined]

If you’ve ever worked at a company, this will come as no surprise: bad managers abound. In fact, a 2012 Gallup poll determined that only one in ten managers possess the traits necessary to be great. So what does it take? In the fourth installment of a five-part series for Life Reimagined, I explain how great managers focus on productivity, not politics. Mary, a millennial at the beginning of her career, was the antithesis of a high performer, delivering work that was careless and inaccurate, […]

The Pitfalls of Micromanaging [Work Reimagined]

There’s a classic Dilbert cartoon that illustrates the nature of micromanaging: the pointy haired boss is standing behind Dilbert at his computer saying, “Move the mouse…up…up…..over….more. Now click it! Click it!” That’s not you, of course. Or is it? If you think you should be personally involved in every decision in your business, insist on taking the lead in major tasks and hover over your employees, then you may very well be micromanaging. See the rest of  my post on […]

The Power of Boring: Why Discipline and Consistency Trump the Adrenaline Rush

A TALE OF TWO ADVENTURERS In October 1911, two teams of adventurers were heading separate expeditions toward the South Pole – one led by Roald Amundsen from Norway and the other by Robert Falcon Scott of England. Amundsen adhered to a regimen of consistent progress, traveling 15 – 20 miles per day, resisting the temptation to go farther in good weather, in order to avoid reaching a point of exhaustion that could leave his team exposed, and pressing ahead even […]

The Three C’s of Relationships

Relationships – though it sometimes seems like we can’t live with ‘em, I doubt we’d want to live without ‘em. With their vast range of emotions, they provide the delicious texture and color of our lives. Whether they’re providing a little too much “color,” however, or not enough, there isn’t any relationship that can’t be improved with the infusion of the three C’s: Compassion, Communication and Curiosity. Nothing Personal So much of the pain and friction in relationships comes from […]