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Renita Kalhorn is a peak performance strategist who helps entrepreneurs, executives and elite teams navigate the pressure of growth in fast-paced environments.

A Juilliard-trained concert pianist with a first-degree martial arts black belt and an MBA from INSEAD, she deeply understands the challenges of high-achievers. Her expertise in leadership development and optimum performance was developed through delivering programs in the US and Asia for Fortune 500 clients such as Deutsche Bank, Pfizer, Havas Media, AstraZeneca and Time Warner, and working directly with individuals/teams at companies ranging from Optimum Nutrition and Shaklee to Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg.

Translating the focus, discipline and resilience gained from decades of practicing martial arts and performing on stage into practical techniques and strategies, she equips her clients with the tools and mindset to achieve extraordinary results. Renita spent a decade overseas living and working in Europe and Japan and is fluent in written and spoken Japanese.

“Mental toughness is like a physical muscle that can be strengthened and developed,” says Renita, who delivers mental toughness training to Navy SEAL candidates. “More than talent or native intelligence, it’s the mental toughness mindset that enables us to achieve our goals.”

Story Angles

  • What is mental toughness and why is it important
  • How to be productive under pressure
  • Why you need to operate at your optimum not maximum
  • Finding balance amidst a stressful life
  • Bouncing back after setbacks

Interview Questions

  • What does mental toughness look like and how do you develop it?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make under pressure?
  • How can we work smarter, not harder (or longer)?
  • Why is modern life so stressful and what can we do about it?
  • How can we take advantage of challenges to become more resilient in our daily lives?