“I See You.” How to Catch People Doing Things Right…

I was coaching a healthcare executive who’s caught between a rock and a hard place. The staff at his hospital are unhappy and at one point threatened to quit en masse if changes weren’t made. Why? They feel taken for granted and unappreciated. This executive is someone with great integrity and commitment to developing his leadership skills . “But what can I do?” he asked. It takes time to meet individually with everyone. He already has so much to do, he […]

What A Flight Attendant Can Teach Us About Creating Certainty in An Uncertain World

Recently, on a cross-country flight from New York to California, the flight attendant announced: “We’re heading into a thunderstorm so the seatbelt sign will be on for the next 45 minutes. Feel free to get up and use the bathroom if necessary but keep in mind that we will remind you to return to your seats as quickly as possible.” As a student of neuroscience, I was impressed by the attendant’s understanding of the “fight-or-flight” threat response. Because typically, what […]

10 Tough-Love Rules For Writing Compelling Email

Crazy, isn’t it, how much of our work revolves around email these days. As the sheer volume has increased, the cumulative effect of unnecessary back-and-forth is keeping us chained to our inboxes. Time to step up your email game Not only is tightening up your email communications a surefire way to increase your productivity, becoming known as someone who writes clear and concise email is a quick way to stand out from the crowd which means people will be more […]

The Three C’s of Relationships

Relationships – though it sometimes seems like we can’t live with ‘em, I doubt we’d want to live without ‘em. With their vast range of emotions, they provide the delicious texture and color of our lives. Whether they’re providing a little too much “color,” however, or not enough, there isn’t any relationship that can’t be improved with the infusion of the three C’s: Compassion, Communication and Curiosity. Nothing Personal So much of the pain and friction in relationships comes from […]