How To Enjoy The Job You Have Until You Have The Job You Want (Part II)

You don't have to be this guy.

A few years back, I wrote a post about how to enjoy the job you have until you have the job you want. Here’s another suggestion Over at The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle wrote a post about how a disproportionate number of CEOs began their careers in the mailroom and worked their way up. (This was also the plot line for an 80’s movie, The Secret of My Success, starring Michael J. Fox.) Despite their lowly position on the corporate ladder, these underdogs […]

The Power of 10

I’m talking about the power of ten minutes. That was the one of the recurring themes I picked up on as I was interviewing 12 diverse 
experts for the Mental Toughness Summit last month. For example: In visiting talent hotbeds around the world from Russia to Brazil, 
Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, noticed that deliberate
 practice happened in 10-minute bursts. In a pilot study with Marines preparing for a tour of duty in Iraq,
 Dr. Liz Stanley found […]

Effort Is Not A Dirty Word: Five Ways You Get A Big Payback

“Lose 10 pounds in 10 days — without diet or exercise!” “Win the lottery, live a life of ease!” “Click here to meet the man of your dreams! Poof! Just like that, we’re rich, thin, in love and, presumably, happy. Except…we’re not. And yet, each time we fall for – or are at least tempted by — the lure of the quick fix because we want to believe that we can have it all, instantly, without breaking a sweat. Why […]