The Curse of Finishing Second (and Five Habits of Happy High-Achievers)

After finishing third in the men’s 100 meter race at the Rio Olympics this week, bronze medalist Andre de Grasse excitedly embraced Usain Bolt, who had taken the gold. While Andre and Usain were hugging it up, silver medalist Justin Gatlin looked less than thrilled, lost, no doubt, in counterfactual thought about “what might have been.” As Seinfeld points out, “If you win the gold, you feel good. If you win the bronze, you think, well, at least I got something. But if […]

The Real Difference Between Top Performers and Everyone Else

Growing up as a budding world famous concert pianist, I practiced the piano four to six hours a day. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it. The thing is, I didn’t really know “how” to practice. One day, when I was about ten and tired of aimless repetition, I came up with the clever idea to read a book at the same time, propping it up against the keyboard with my left hand while I played with my right. When my mom, no doubt […]

[Book Review] 8 Ways To Great: Peak Performance on the Job and In Your Life

I love lists. And the book, 8 Ways To Great: Peak Performance on the Job and In Your Life, by Dr. Doug Hirschhorn, is my favorite kind of list: what successful people do to stand out from the crowd. Dr. Doug, as he is known among the Wall Street elite, offers no earth-shaking surprises in his eight core peak performance principles. But that’s not the point. Because, for the most part, we know what to do to achieve excellence, just […]