Three Ways To Develop Mental Toughness Right Now [Fortune Ventures]

One thing every entrepreneur quickly discovers is that building a business is an emotional roller-coaster ride. As Matt Salzberg, CEO of fast-growing meal kit startup Blue Apron, so eloquently put it: “One day you may think your business is going bankrupt, one day you might be riding high because you just landed a new client, partnership or really great story.” That ability to ride the ups and downs is one of the few things you actually control in building your […]

Think Big, Start Small…

Have you ever gotten all pumped up about something – learning the guitar, say, or doing bikram yoga — and then a few months, maybe weeks, later simply lost interest? Of course, we all have. Now there’s nothing wrong with trying something and deciding it’s not for you after all (hey, you’re talking to a law-school dropout here). But if you listened to the Mental Toughness Summit interviews, you heard it again and again: more than intelligence or talent, people […]