[WORKSHOP] High-Stakes Performance: Getting It Done When It Counts

Presenting to the board or making a pitch to investors. Closing a deal. Negotiating your next promotion or share of the bonus pool. There are no do-overs, the stakes are high and the audience may or may not be receptive. Though it’s natural to be nervous, if you don’t manage your thoughts and emotions, they will probably derail your performance. This workshop will cover four key areas to help you master your inner game: 1. practice under pressure – how […]

A Sneaky Secret for (More) Self-Control

Here we are, heading quickly toward the end of the year. If you’re tempted to throw in the towel on your goals — whether work, fitness, diet — and just wait to start fresh in the new year (are you forgetting how much harder it’ll be if you’ve let everything slide?), here’s a powerful tip for increasing your self-control: Remember that no matter how strong the impulse to do (or avoid) something feels in the moment, it won’t last. It […]

The Highly Effective + Ridiculously Under-Utilized Technique for Getting People To (Gladly) Give You What You Want

This past weekend, I gave a presentation to a group of Navy SEAL officer candidates on how to prepare for their upcoming interviews with recruiters. Obviously, with all the hours of fitness training and time they’re dedicating (some of them drive four or five hours each way to the gatherings), they all want very much to be offered a SEAL contract. They also want to avoid the fate of an earlier candidate who told the board, with sincere intention and intensity, […]