[PODCAST] Debunking the Common Myths About Performing Under Pressure, with Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry is a psychologist and international performance coach to Olympic athletes and coaches, senior business leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and the CIA. He is the co-author of Performing under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most. In this podcast, we talk about some of the common misconceptions about performing under pressure (and why they’re […]

Are You Afraid To Go All Out?

In one of the more heart-wrenching stories from the Rio Olympics, US cyclist Mara Abbott was one of two leading the pack in the women’s cycling race as they climbed the steep 19% incline. Racing down the descent, the other cyclist crashed and Mara was alone in the lead — until, 200 meters from the finish line (and a gold medal), she was passed by a trio surging up from behind, and came in fourth place instead. Afterwards Mara said, “I was proud of the way […]

The Curse of Finishing Second (and Five Habits of Happy High-Achievers)

After finishing third in the men’s 100 meter race at the Rio Olympics this week, bronze medalist Andre de Grasse excitedly embraced Usain Bolt, who had taken the gold. While Andre and Usain were hugging it up, silver medalist Justin Gatlin looked less than thrilled, lost, no doubt, in counterfactual thought about “what might have been.” As Seinfeld points out, “If you win the gold, you feel good. If you win the bronze, you think, well, at least I got something. But if […]

[PODCAST] Raising Your Mental Game for Career Success with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Caroline Ceniza-Levine is the cofounder of SixFigureStart career coaching. She has worked with executives from American Express, Goldman Sachs, Condé Nast, Gilt, eBay, Google, McKinsey, and other leading firms. She’s also a stand-up comic (so not your typical coach). In this conversation, Caroline gives her signature no-nonsense advice on: how to prepare for interviews, performance reviews and other high-pressure situations how to handle […]

Are We Less Evolved Than We Think?

See the presentation on Slideshare.com. My last year of high school brought two momentous developments. One, I got contact lenses. And two, I decided I was tired of being a nerdy bookworm and wanted to be on the tennis team. My mom (who was making huge sacrifices so I could pursue music) said okay, as long as it didn’t affect my piano studies. So I’d finish class mid-afternoon, train with the tennis team for a few hours, come home and practice […]

The Goofus and Gallant Approach to Greatness

Recently, I’ve become a fan of Instagram. One of the accounts I follow features Harlow, a stately Weimeramer and Indiana, an adorable Dachshund, who are best friends and a shining example of model canine behavior (@harlowandsage). The two of them lie peacefully on the couch, gaze adoringly at each other and maintain their composure at all times. My sister’s dogs, Ruby and Domino, on the other hand, bark wildly whenever a rabbit (or other living creature) steps foot in the back yard, gnaw holes in imported […]

What To Do When You Can’t Get Into The Groove

Today was one of those days. Sluggish. Unfocused. Namby pamby. There wasn’t even a specific reason to point to: I’m 100% healthy, fully carbed, well-rested and pain-free, with plenty of interesting projects in the pipeline. I tried the usual slew of strategies to get a mental jumpstart – calisthenics, watching a pep talk from Kid President, journaling, even a 10-minute nap – but simply could not get into the groove. As high performers, we’re used to operating at, or close […]

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

I confess, I came this close to flaking out on you. For many of you, our relationship started at last year’s Mental Toughness Summit. I had plans to make it an annual event but when April rolled around this year, I was overcome by overwhelm and inertia everytime I thought about putting together another Summit. Then synchronicity intervened. One of my former clients introduced me to the work of Dr. Les Fehmi, the author of Open Focus. I had a […]

How Jeremy Lin Deals with the Pressure of Expectation And You Can Too

Seven weeks. That’s how long it’s been since New York Knicks Jeremy Lin burst onto the NBA scene — and already there’s speculation whether he can take his game to the next level as other teams gear up for him, or is he just a “one-year wonder?” In a matter of weeks, Lin went from sleeping on his brother’s couch to being in the glare of the global spotlight. On top of it all, he’s carrying the hopes and dreams […]

[INTERVIEW] Michael Bigger On How Traders Achieve Creative Flow

Information is abundant and technology is cheap. At the same time, the good ‘ol financial models are changing. Linear, analytical thinking is not enough, and traders who don’t figure out how to access their creativity will fall behind. Listen in on the recording of my teleseminar interview with veteran trader and author Michael Bigger about his latest book, How Traders Achieve Creative Flow. Here are a few of the topics we covered in this truly content-rich call: Why creativity is […]