Want to Bounce Back From Disappointment Quicker?

Do you know the story of the Chinese farmer? When his horse ran away, the neighbors came around to commiserate, “So sorry to hear your horse  ran away.” And the farmer said, “Maybe, too soon to tell.” The next day the horse came back, bringing seven wild horses with it, and the neighbors came around to say, “Oh, isn’t that lucky. What a great turn of events.” And the farmer said, “Maybe, too soon to tell.” The next day, his son was riding one […]

How To Outsmart Your Fight-Or-Flight Reaction

A few months ago, around the holiday season, a friend and I walked into a wine bar on the Upper West Side. (Sounds like a bad joke.) Sitting there at the bar, with a Britney Spears song blaring on the loudspeakers, struggling to read the menu in the dim light and pressured by the overly attentive bartender coming over every 90 seconds to see if we were ready to order, I felt a wave of panic and an overwhelming urge to leave. Fortunately, I […]

The One-Step Strategy to Bounce Back Faster

Last Saturday, I was walking to the train station to take Metro North to Connecticut where I mentor Navy SEAL candidates in mental toughness. Crossing 125th St., the heel of my shoe skidded out from me and I fell flat on my butt. Luckily, the light was red so the approaching SUV was already slowing and, thanks to the Turkish get-ups I practice at the gym, I was able to jump up quickly and easily. Physically, I was perfectly fine. […]

Living Longer, Running Slower

As the last of the baby-boomers approaches the half-century mark, science is picking up speed in its efforts to slow down aging. A recent article in the BBC News highlighted the incredible technology advances that will improve our quality of life as 100-year life spans become increasingly common. Researchers are coming up with innovative solutions that will increase the durability of hip and knee transplants – so that they last the 100 million steps that a 50-year-old can be expected […]