Are You Afraid To Go All Out?

In one of the more heart-wrenching stories from the Rio Olympics, US cyclist Mara Abbott was one of two leading the pack in the women’s cycling race as they climbed the steep 19% incline. Racing down the descent, the other cyclist crashed and Mara was alone in the lead — until, 200 meters from the finish line (and a gold medal), she was passed by a trio surging up from behind, and came in fourth place instead. Afterwards Mara said, “I was proud of the way […]

The Highly Effective + Ridiculously Under-Utilized Technique for Getting People To (Gladly) Give You What You Want

This past weekend, I gave a presentation to a group of Navy SEAL officer candidates on how to prepare for their upcoming interviews with recruiters. Obviously, with all the hours of fitness training and time they’re dedicating (some of them drive four or five hours each way to the gatherings), they all want very much to be offered a SEAL contract. They also want to avoid the fate of an earlier candidate who told the board, with sincere intention and intensity, […]

In Praise of Uncertainty (And A Cheat Sheet For Enjoying It More)

Over the weekend, I saw Point Blank, a French action thriller about a nurse at a Parisian hospital whose very pregnant wife has been kidnapped and will be killed unless he delivers to the kidnappers a thief who’s a patient in the hospital. It was sooo good. Even as my heart was pounding, I savored the twists and turns in the plot and didn’t want it to end. What’s Wrong With Not Knowing? Why do we like uncertainty in our […]

Listen To Your Inner Critic

Rob, a client of mine (though not his real name), recently took a one-week vacation from work, a much-needed break from a highly stressful, fast-paced corporate environment. Upon his return, one of his colleagues welcomed him back and noted that Rob’s team had worked hard and been very productive during his absence. Rob’s first reaction, as he relayed the story to me, was: “I knew it, they’re going to find out they don’t need me here – I might get […]

How To Feel In Total Control, Even When You’re Not

Doesn’t it seem as if the more the pace of modern life increases, the more we scramble to keep things under control? In the movie Click, Adam Sandler’s character was given a universal remote control that allowed him to pause, rewind and fast-forward to manipulate the events of his life. But although we may indulge in similar wishful thinking, do we really want to be totally in charge of everything – the weather, the traffic, what our colleagues, friends and […]