He Who Sleeps, Wins

“In my long political career,” Bill Clinton told a post-presidency audience, “most of the mistakes I made, I made when I was too tired. Too many members of the Congress in both parties are sleep deprived. It clouds your judgment, and it undermines your ability to be relaxed and respectful in dealing with your adversaries.” Great, the US government is run by people who don’t get enough sleep. A bravado culture of sleep deprivation Actually, in the frenetic pace of […]

How To Shine When You’re On the Spot (Or How To Avoid Choking Under Pressure, Part II)

This week, we’re going to talk about how to be at your best when you’re taken off guard. That’s what one listener wanted to know during my interview with performance psychologist Dr. Noa Kageyama at the Mental Toughness Summit: “What do you do when you’re put on the spot by your boss or board of directors?” As Noa pointed out, our general tendency is to blurt out an answer without taking a moment to collect our thoughts. Then what happens: […]

Why You Choke Under Pressure – And How To Avoid It, Part I

Blowing a high-stakes presentation, flubbing a chance conversation with a senior partner in the elevator, bombing the exam you studied months for – choking under pressure is one, really painful and two, usually means lost opportunities. What’s funny is that while it was our brainpower that’s instrumental in getting us to that point of achievement, it’s also the culprit that sabotages our performance. (Okay, it’s not that funny.) The good news is you can train your brain to help, not […]