Lunch ‘n Learn: How to Get A Mental Six-Pack

brain_weightsAnxiety, worry, beating yourself up: these are forms of “mental fat” — redundant, unproductive thinking that slows you down. As an entrepreneur operating in an environment of relentless change and uncertainty, mental fat is a luxury you can’t afford.

Bring in Renita Kalhorn, a performance coach who mentors Navy SEAL candidates, to teach your team the three steps to a lean, agile mindset. In this interactive presentation, she shares how to:

  1. OVERRIDE your biology (so you’re not ruled by fight-or-flight reactions)
  2. BURN the mental fat (specific exercises so you know exactly what to do)
  3. FLEX your mental muscles

Shed hours of worry, guilt and doubt. Develop an unshakeable sense of control, self-confidence and ability to influence others. Get a fat-free mind

To find out more and book a lunch ‘n learn for your team, contact Renita at stepupyourgamenow dot com