“Office Hours” for Start-Up CEOs

Do you have what it takes?

There’s no shortage of discussion and debate around the qualities and “DNA” that the best start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs have. What’s harder to find is practical, step-by-step techniques and strategies for actually developing those qualities, for mastering your psychology.

So who can you talk to?

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m setting up coaching “office hours” (no-charge) to early-stage start-up entrepreneurs around the world. (Learn more about me.) This is your chance to access the same psychology-based techniques that Navy SEALs, professional athletes and top executives use to achieve high performance.

Think you don’t have time?

Think again. One 45-minute “Step Up Your Game” coaching session will cut through the fog of doubt and fear. You’ll walk away with a clear perspective and performance strategy so you can stay on track and move forward faster.

Like the Navy SEALs say: “Smoother is quicker.”

You’ll learn practical strategies to:

  • COMMUNICATE more effectively and persuasively (to move faster)
  • exert greater INFLUENCE and handle CONFLICT
  • increase your STAMINA and capacity for stress
  • get your emotions (and ego) under control
  • BOUNCE BACK faster (and stronger) from setbacks and failures
  • understand your team dynamics
  • get better at MAKING DECISIONS
  • MOTIVATE yourself and your team
  • know when to adapt and when to persevere
  • learn to be comfortable with risk and UNCERTAINTY
  • develop bullet-proof FOCUS
  • get the IMPORTANT things done
  • manage your FEAR

Time slots available for both Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Let’s meet: My Office Hours