1:1 Private Coaching

Mastering one’s psychology – the mental game – and achieving emotional control are critical factors in achieving success in any arena.


The Step Up Your Game Mentorship Program is for highly motivated self-starters — CEO entrepreneurs, sales + business development professionals, traders — who are ready to shift into overdrive. Working with Renita, you’ll develop a systematic game plan to:

  • GAIN MISSION CONTROL: feel a heightened sense of control and productivity in managing distractions and accomplishing critical tasks
  • HAVE BULLET-PROOF CONFIDENCE in high-stake situations (e.g. sales presentations, job interviews, shareholder presentations, investor meetings)
  • TIGHTEN UP COMMUNICATION skills to be authoritative, compelling and persuasive when it counts
  • DEVELOP SEARING FOCUS in a fast-paced or “toxic” environment
  • BOUNCE BACK from setbacks and avoid psychological meltdown in “We’re F#%ked, It’s Over” moments
  • BE PROACTIVE in transforming negative patterns and making tough decisions
  • RAISE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS and control stress to sidestep burnout
To learn more about availability, send an email to: renita at theflowfactor dot com

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